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          1. Certificates

            Whether it is animal feed or pharmaceutical ingredients – all of the K+S KALI GmbH production facilities are equipped to meet modern quality standards and necessary legislation. Our manufacturing processes also comply, and often exceed, these market demands. This is regularly stated at inspections and audits by authorities and certifiers, - but most importantly, by our customers.


            Certificates document high standards

            The various certificates held by K+S KALI GmbH clearly demonstrate our achievement of exceptionally high standards over many years. Beyond that, they show just how comprehensive our Quality Management systems are.


            Process control encompassing the entire chain of production

            Controlled production processes all the way from the reception of raw materials to packing and shipping are a solid component of our Quality Concept. In our company, unforeseen occurrences are extremely rare.


            However, in the case that a deviation does occur, our systems of in-process controls will immediately take effect. They show even the smallest deviation from predetermined values. Experienced specialists at the respective production plants will immediately implement targeted quality-assurance measures.


            Our quality standard assures you of product safety, and significantly adds to the premium quality of your final product.

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