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          1. Animal Feed

            Salts for Animal Nutrition: Certified and High-Purity

            Our KaSa?-products, used for feeding pets and livestock, do not only guarantee excellent product quality. You can also be sure that these products comply with all aspects of the relevant EU regulations, and are certified in accordance with recognised auditing systems. No matter whether it is high-purity potassium chloride or magnesium sulphate – all KaSa?-products are of natural origin. The range of KaSa?-products includes:



            Product Certificates
            KaSa K99? DIN EN ISO 9001 ff., GMP+, QS-recognised
            KaSa Mag98? DIN EN ISO 9001 ff., GMP+, QS-recognised


            Top-Of-The-Line Products for Pet and Livestock Nutrition

            Leading international feed-producers choose our well-proven potassium chloride KaSa K99? for fortifying cat and dog food as well as chicken feed with potassium. The mineral potassium is one of the most important electrolytes in the body, and is essential for cell function. Potassium takes on several functions in the metabolism, for muscle activity and for nerve function. As an alternative to sodium, potassium is particularly important in pet food. It secures a balanced nutrition and can help to prevent cardiovascular diseases. For farm animals, potassium is used to prevent heat stress. As the body is not able to store it, a sufficient supply of potassium through the daily feed ration is needed.


            Feed producers all over the world rely on our superior magnesium sulphate KaSa Mag98? for safeguarding a sufficient supply of magnesium to livestock such as cattle, horses, sheep and goats. As an essential mineral, magnesium needs to be included in the daily diet. It plays a central role for creating strong bones and supporting nerve function. Specifically stressed or nervous animals may benefit from an increased magnesium supply. Magnesium is also indispensable for the metabolism and for proper functioning of the muscles, as well as for the cardio-vascular system. In its sulphatic form, such as provided by KaSa Mag98?, magnesium is a valuable alternative to other magnesium compounds. The sulphur contained in KaSa Mag98? can help animals to create keratin, an essential component of hair, skin and horns. KaSa Mag98? is easier on the stomach and the intestinal mucosa than magnesium chloride (MgCl2) and is more easily utilised than its oxidic form (MgO).



            KaSa? – Natural Mineral Salts for Animal Health



            Health Care & Nutrition: Pharmaceutics – Food – Animal Feed




            Produced in Accordance with EU-Regulations, GMP+-Certified and QS-recognised

            All high-purity KaSa?-products are of natural origin and are produced in Germany, using the most modern production technology. They are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001ff. and GMP+, and are QS-recognised. Of course they meet the highest standards concerning their quality, hygiene, packaging, storage and traceability, and comply with the strict regulations of the EU food and feed law, such as:

            • Basic Food Law (EC) No. 178/2002
            • Feed Hygiene Ordinance (EC) No. 183/2005
            • Ordinance (EC) No. 767/2009 on the placing on the market and use of feed
            • Directive 2002/32/EC on undesirable substances in animal feed


            We’ll be glad to provide more information on our KaSa?-products, their production and our quality guidelines. We look forward to talking to you.

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