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          1. Fertiliser  ?  


            We offer more than just fertiliser. In the section “Our Service” we have compiled some useful information regarding the professional and successful application of all K+S KALI GmbH products.

            Product Data Sheets

            All important information at one glance: The fertiliser product data sheets of K+S KALI GmbH.  more

            Spreader calibration

            We have set up some links to the major manufacturers of fertiliser spreaders. You can search for information on spreader settings on these manufacturers’ websites.  more

            Ordering brochures

            We have prepared a range of descriptive brochures providing a compilation of K+S KALI GmbH knowledge on crops and nutrients. These can either be ordered or downloaded as PDF-documents.  more

            Quality Management

            Quality consciousness has always been a significant factor of our company culture. Find out what K+S KALI GmbH does to assure product quality.  more


            Interesting links from within the agricultural sector and the food industry.  more

            Professional information

            Even more information on the application of fertilisers is available to you under the heading professional information. Here you will find recommendation for fertilising various crops?and interesting facts on the most important nutrients. We also provide information on the special demands on nutrient management raised by organic farming.

            Choose a website