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          1. About K+S KALI  ?  


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            Sale of Baltic Train

            Sep 25, 2019

            K+S sells its Baltic Train container train to modal 3 Logistik GmbH, the former B?rde Container Feeder GmbH (BCF). The divestment is being made against the background of the implementation of K+S's new Shaping 2030 corporate strategy, aimed at strengthening the Group's market and customer focus. more

            On the decision of the FGG Ministerial Conference

            Aug 15, 2019

            K+S welcomes the decision made today by the Ministerial Conference of the River Basin Community (FGG) Weser to replace the saline wastewater pipeline to the Oberweser with more cost-efficient alternative measures. The underground storage of saline wastewater is therefore of fundamental importance. The FGG Weser provides clarity for the disposal after it has been confirmed that the injection will be completed at the end of 2021. more

            Temporary storage for saltwater approved: K+S production becomes more resistant to drought

            Aug 13, 2019

            K+S has once again significantly increased the flexibility in wastewater management at the Werra plant. The operation of a facility for the temporary storage of production wastewater in an abandoned mining field, which has now been permitted by the Kassel Regional Council, increases the total available storage volume alone to about 1 million cubic meters. more

            K+S increases capacity for magnesium sulphate anhydrous

            Jul 10, 2019

            With the commissioning of a new facility at the Wintershall site of the Werra plant, K+S is now capable of producing significantly larger quantities of the magnesium sulphate anhydrous specialty product, which is in high demand. more

            Agreement with the municipality of Gerstungen: Most measures already implemented

            Jul 8, 2019

            The improvement of the drinking water supply of the municipality Gerstungen is well on track. A large part of the agreed measures has already been implemented or commissioned. With the expansion of a storage basin with drinking water treatment, the measures are to be completed in the next year. The action plan is part of the settlement agreement that K+S concluded with the municipality in December 2017. more

            K+S KALI GmbH has been awarded the GOLD recognition level of the EcoVadis CSR Rating

            Jun 5, 2019

            K+S KALI GmbH has had its sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance evaluated by EcoVadis again. With success: The company improved and achieved 66/100 points, which corresponds to the recognition level GOLD. K+S KALI GmbH is among the top 5 percent of the industry in all rated categories. more

            NewFoodSystems – Innovation program receives millions in government funds

            Apr 29, 2019

            The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is funding the NewFoodSystems innovation initiative with a total of up to 20 million euros over a period of five years. K+S has successfully contributed to the formulation of a proposal with its innovation activities and is one of several German industrial partners. more

            Agreement with Kalium Lakes: K+S secures access to potassium sulfate in Australia

            Mar 25, 2019

            K+S has entered into an agreement with the Australian company, Kalium Lakes, for the purchase of up to 90,000 tonnes of the specialty fertilizer potassium sulfate (SOP) per year. The agreement has a term of ten years and ensures that K+S has exclusive access to the first potassium sulfate production in Australia. more

            Ethical-Social Audit: K+S KALI GmbH Has Employee Concerns Audited

            Feb 12, 2019

            K+S KALI GmbH is serious about its social and ethical responsibility. The company therefore recently entered into new territory and commissioned a first external SMETA audit of working conditions to its employees working in high-purity salt production at the Zielitz and Wintershall sites. more

            Potash production at Werra plant without restrictions in Q1/19

            Jan 9, 2019

            K+S does not expect any more wastewater-related interruptions at the three sites of the Werra plant in the first quarter of 2019. The precipitation over the past few weeks has significantly increased the water level of the Werra river again. As a result, the load on the local retention basins has been relieved to a greater extent. more

            Increased potash production at the Werra plant by the end of the year

            Dec 18, 2018

            Recent rainfall has temporarily raised the water level and flow of the Werra river. Therefore, the disposal situation and the capacity of the retention basin at the Werra potash plant have improved. more

            Potash production at the Werra plant secured until at least Christmas

            Dec 3, 2018

            Despite the persistent, extreme drought, full production at the three sites of the Werra potash plant is now guaranteed up to and including December 23. The reason for this is the continuous optimization of wastewater management as well as the use of existing possibilities for off-site disposal. more

            “Open to Diversity – Together against Exclusion”

            Oct 26, 2018

            Together with several companies from Kassel, K+S sets down a marker for openness to the world, diversity and tolerance. The enterprises are declaring their avowal of the principles of respect and the rule of law, while launching an initiative entitled “Open to Diversity – Together against Exclusion. more

            Plant Werra: Expansion of the Hattorf Potash Site Approved

            Oct 11, 2018

            The regional council in Kassel has approved the expansion of the Hattorf (Philippsthal) tailings pile. With this, the disposal of solid production residues which is an important requirement for producing potash at this site, has been ensured. more

            Plant Werra: Production Resumes at Wintershall and Hattorf Potash Sites

            Sep 28, 2018

            K+S has resumed production at the Wintershall (Heringen) and Hattorf (Philippsthal) sites today. Full, unrestricted production of Plant Werra should be achieved by October 1. more

            Werra Plant: Production interruption at the Hattorf site

            Sep 11, 2018

            Due to the persistent severe drought, the water level in the Werra river remains at an exceptionally low level. Therefore, production at the Hattorf site has also been temporarily interrupted today. more

            Enormous Growth Potential in Sub-Saharan Region

            Aug 31, 2018

            K+S sees great growth potential in the sub-Saharan region that reminds of Brazil, India or China in recent decades. In Uganda for example, the use of fertilizers is comparatively low and crop yields are correspondingly marginal. more

            Werra Plant: Severe Drought Conditions Affect Potash Production

            Aug 27, 2018

            The persistent severe drought in recent months has led to production being temporarily interrupted at some Werra plants. Their main disposal method is currently restricted due to the exceptionally low water level in the Werra river. more

            Record numbers to start their internship at K+S

            Aug 13, 2018

            For the first time K+S has set a record with more than 200 new apprentices and trainees, thereby preparing for the growing demand of skilled workers. Having steadily ramped up its training commitment over the previous years, it is now even more effective in countering demographic trends. At the beginning of the new training year, a total of 609 men and women will complete a qualified vocational training or dual study program at K+S. They are expected to be the specialists of the future. more

            Partial Closure Sigmundshall Potash Mine: Social Plan Resolved in Settlement Proceedings

            Jul 27, 2018

            The employees at the Sigmundshall potash mine, which will stop producing potash products at the end of the year, now have more personal security for their future. After long and difficult negotiations in the settlement proceedings, the company and works council have agreed on a social plan for the employees which are affected by the partial closure. more

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